Project Summary

This aim of this PhD will be to develop a scenario-based modelling approach to help isolate uncontrollable factors that may positively or negatively impact on the Hub’s success. The research will examine how these factors affect the strategy and KPIs of the Ocean Hub.

Project Details

This is an exciting opportunity to join the One Ocean Hub, a new, £20M global hub for interdisciplinary research funded through the UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund. The Hub seeks to address intractable challenges faced by developing countries in relation to ocean management. Through this 5-year initiative, researchers from the UK will work with colleagues across the world to address the challenges of South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Fiji and Solomon Islands in realising the economic, socio-cultural and environmental benefits from the ocean. The Hub will weave learning from the ocean, ranging from the traditional knowledge of the peoples who rely upon it to marine sciences, innovative legal approaches and artistic methods. Our aim is to bridge the disconnections in law, science and society across all levels from the local to the international. This PhD position will directly feed into supporting some of the challenges facing the Hub.

Drawing upon current methods for horizon scanning to pick up weak signals in the dynamic operating environment, the scenarios will test the strategy of the hub and allow for changes to be made to the strategy in a more dynamic way. The research is underpinned by the principles of participative and inclusive (open) strategy making, where multiple and contradicting factors can be considered in a systematic way, and will examine the impact this type of approach has on the effectiveness of the strategy. The objectives of this PhD are:

  • To understand what scenario-based modelling approach is best suited for the development of the Ocean Hub
  • To identify the uncontrollable factors that may impact on the Hub’s success
  • To develop a Hub specific scenario-based modelling approach
  • To examine the effect the uncontrollable factors have on the strategy and performance of the Hub

The approach will be through an engaged scholarship model as per the co-development ethos of the Ocean Hub, working with the various stakeholders to develop the research. The expected outcomes of this PhD project are the: 

  • Development of scenario modelling approach specific for Ocean Hub
  • Development of KPIs to assess the Hub’s success and allow analysis of the strategy
  • Development of an approach to make changes to the strategy as the Hub develops

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

Supervisors – Dr Marisa Smith and Professor George Wright

For more information, please contact Marisa Smith, email: [email protected]

Entry Requirements

Candidates are required to have:

  • An excellent undergraduate degree with Honours in a business area i.e. management, management science, strategy, etc.
  • A Masters degree (or equivalent) will be strongly preferred
  • Students may also have other relevant experience or skills which are relevant to this project
  • Candidates who are not native English speakers will be required to provide evidence for their English skills (such as by IELTS or similar tests that are approved by UKVI, or a degree completed in an English speaking country).

Funding Notes

Fee waiver at Home/EU rate and annual stipend £14,777*

*Whilst open to International candidates, please note that this scholarship covers Home/EU/RUK Fee rate only.

Funding Information

Please see our website for how to apply:
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