If you know where you want to study and have discovered that the University does not offer funding for that particular masters or PhD, where do you look? We have brought as much funding as we can find that is specifically for intending postgraduates, together in one place on Postgraduate Studentships to help narrow down your search.

Can PostgraduateStudentships search for charity funding for me and send me the results?

You will need to set aside some time to search on the site as we are not able to carry out searches for students. We recommend that you start on either the Masters or PhD page, browse to your subject area and then filter the results to show only the Charity and other funding results. It takes some time but it is worth going through them carefully.

Do all charities fund all subjects of study?

Funding is usually related in some way to the overall aims and objectives of the charity. Before you apply for the funding, we suggest you find out as much as you can about these and where possible show how you and your study relate to the charity’s aims.

What’s the best way to search for charity funding on PostgraduateStudentships?

We recommend that you browse carefully through the entries on PostgraduateStudentships, in your subject area, rather than trying to search. Charities don’t talk about themselves the way students or Universities do, so if you search the entries you may miss out something important because the charity has used unfamiliar words you haven’t searched on.

Are the deadlines for funding from a charity the same as Studentships from a University?

Deadlines vary greatly from charity to charity. Some have one deadline each year, with their funding open for applications for just a few months. Others have rolling applications where you can apply at any time. Most charities, but not all, will require you to have applied to a University and received your offer of study before applying to the charity.

What criteria do charities use when they award funding?

Most charities either require academic excellence, or evidence of financial need, or both! Again this varies from charity to charity. They may have additional specific criteria relating to the aims of the charity.

How much do charities fund?

Charities rarely fund the total amount needed for your fees and living costs, so you may need to apply to several sources – BUT some charities will not offer you funding if you already have funding from elsewhere, or if you obtain other funding later you may have to choose between the two sets of funding.

Is charity funding competitive?

It certainly can be competitive, but there are key things you can do to maximise your chances – in particular, we recommend you make sure you read the small print and cover everything they require in your application, as well as applying well before the deadline if you can, checking they have received your application etc.

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