Some governments have specific schemes that fund high achieving students to study outside their own country, particularly if that country does not have sufficient postgraduate provision to meet the needs of its students. There are other joint schemes run by overseas governments in conjunction with the UK government or designated organisations such as the British Council. These kind of awards tend to include fees, living expenses and may also include allowances for travel to and from the UK, and sometimes further study allowances. They often require students to study in particular subject areas relevant to the development of their home country, and to return to their home country to work for a designated period on competing their postgraduate study.

We have included details of funds of this type that we have found that apply to study in the UK, in the PostgraduateStudentships funding database. If you are an overseas student, we suggest you consult your own government to find out about educational schemes: if you find any that enable postgraduates to study in the UK, that are not included in our database, please do let us know and we will make sure we add them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do governments sponsor students for postgraduate funding?

Many countries have sponsorship programmes in which they will fund a student from their nation studying internationally. This helps the nation as a whole develop as they bring back knowledge and expertise. 

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