Finding your Computing and Computer Science funding opportunities

Postgraduate degrees in computing and computer science included many of the most exciting and dynamic industries and subjects in the modern world. Artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, data science, information technology, programming and web design, animation and gaming feature among the most innovative and original areas of study and can lead to amazing careers. 

At postgraduate level students get to study and research among the very top strands of innovation- imagine yourself being at the origins of the next generation with search engine technology, blockchain, AI, data encryption and the like. 

The world greatest challenges in terms of population, health, climate change and biodiversity will be solved by applying science and computing power to these issues, and qualified graduates in these fields will be in greater demand as the capacity for innovation to solve these problems is tested.

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Why study a postgraduate degree in Computing and Computer Science

A Masters course in Computing and Computer Science will lead to smarter ways of working and more robust infrastructures that support the modern world. Computer scientists are needed to develop and support the infrastructures so these innovations can be harnessed.

Our reliance on the computer as accelerated exponentially since the earliest integrated processors were first launched in the 1940’s so the speed of change will continue to accelerate way beyond Moore’s law, as we look to areas such as quantum computing to provide answers. 

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