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Postgraduate study of law is a competitive specialist subject, and the award of an LLM (Masters of Laws) from a UK university is acknowledged by Law firms for candidates seeking a training contract or pupillage. 

In the UK virtually all law degrees are ‘qualifying law degrees’ which means they are recognised by The Law Society, so candidates can progress in the sector by completing the additional qualifications that are required in order to practice as a solicitor or barrister. 

The LLM will enable a candidate to specialise in one of the many branches of law, such as tax or corporate or intellectual property or technology.  You may also have an ambition to work in international or human rights, and these areas are in demand throughout many different countries and jurisdictions.

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Why study a postgraduate degree in Law

Postgraduate degrees in law are geared towards the specialist knowledge that law firms look for in their staff. Remember that qualifying to practice requires additional study, and this can take a number of years (and it is expensive) but completion of a Masters in Law is a very valuable contribution towards your career pathway and it will be an achievement that is widely recognised.

If you don’t want to work in a law firm, you don’t have to. Legal careers don’t always begin with working in law firms- many different organisations need skills in the law, so candidates can develop a long-term legal career in areas related to the law, and this route may be more attractive to people who want to broaden their expertise. 

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