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Natural science is concerned with the measurable evidence of cause and effect which can be identified through experimentation. 

A postgraduate degree in the physical sciences includes a wide range of major subjects from Astrophysics to Technology. The study of any of the so called natural sciences leads to a pathway at PhD and Doctorate level, and for those candidates who strive for a career in academic research then they are likely to be among the most influential members of society because of the contribution they can make to the improvement of the human condition. 

Science Masters degrees include traditional subjects that have existed since the earliest civilisations, astronomy, physics, chemistry with their more recent technology based derivatives and the study of materials.

For students that contemplate a Masters degree in science they will enjoy the potential for significant recognition of their study and opportunities for career progression in virtually any subject field.

Mathematics and Statistics are highly versatile postgraduate subjects. Mathematics occupies a central position in each of the specialist scientific areas, and it attracts candidates from many different walks of life who then apply this core skill in many fields of business. 

Students that develop careers in financial services and investment require a solid foundation in mathematics, and much of the operations of global financial markets requires highly competent executives that have significant expertise in the application of financial instruments.

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Why study a postgraduate degree in Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Postgraduate degrees in science leads to important careers across a multitude of industries and business. Very few pathways are restricted to candidates with qualifications in science, as it indicates a higher level of understanding and application than many other areas of study

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