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Postgraduate degrees in social science covers a wide range of subjects, from Anthropology through to Sport. A degree in social science is all about the creation of new knowledge through studying the behaviour of people, culture and the environment, and the ideas and attitudes that shape the world. 

Social science is studied through the behaviour of people and their interaction with the world, gender and identity, psychology, nationality and human rights, population, politics and international relations, media, geography, housing and public services.

The social sciences make sense of the discoveries that the other sciences identify, so the two fields support each other. Social science puts the outcomes of scientific discovery into the everyday. Social science subjects make important contributions to the way we live and work and our understanding of cultures and society.

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Why study a postgraduate degree in Social Sciences

Postgraduate degrees in social science leads to important careers in public policy and the community. Qualified candidates can develop a portfolio career in a number of specialisms that will stand them in good stead over the lifetime of their career. Students who have completed social science degrees can adapt more quickly and learn new skills as society replaces certain roles with others.

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