Angel Belle C. Dy shares her distance learning experience at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Angel Belle

Can you let us know a bit about your academic and professional background?

I pursued the MD-MBA program from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, which enabled me to hone the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to society as a physician leader and manager, capable of providing positive change in society.
After obtaining my degrees, opportune experiences led me to discover a passion for program development and research in child development and neurodevelopmental disorders. Pursuing this field of work led me to become a manager at MedMom Institute for Human Development, take part in the International Training Program for Neurodevelopmental Disorders at UC Davis, and begin a career in the academe at my alma mater.

Why did you choose to study the MSc Demography & Health by distance learning with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine?

As I pursued my field of work, I realized that this wasn’t a typical career path for doctors and recognized that I still needed further studies to complement my knowledge and enhance my skills for teaching and research. I searched for programs at LSHTM, hopeful to fulfil a decade-old dream to study at the School. My search led to the MSc Demography & Health program, which was the perfect blend of the social science aspects of health and the practical applications of epidemiology and statistics that I was looking for.

Taking this course as a blended program meant that I could continue the work that I was involved in, and still learn first-hand in the virtual and physical classrooms of the School. I was excited!

What has been your favourite aspect of the programme?

Undergoing the programme has been challenging, but my favourite aspect would be the resources that are available for studying. The modules provide very helpful references and are easy to access through the online student interface.

Did you have any concerns before beginning your programme? What were they?

I worried that I would not be able to meet the requirements to complete the course, and it continues to be a challenge to devote time specifically to study amidst other responsibilities. However, I’ve been learning the beauty of the self-directed learning and that the distance learning option allows me to create my own curriculum and schedule to carry out the work at my own pace, but with a bit of structure that keeps me on track.

How do you think the programme will help your career in the future?

The big dream is to take my learning from this program in to expand the Philippines’s capacity to do research studies; particularly for my case, research work in child development and neurodevelopmental disorders.

What have you gained from studying this programme?

I am learning a new method of studying, which pulls me out of my own comfort zone as a learner. Studying this course in an international arena encourages me to think from an international perspective, while also challenging me to consider how this all fits in to my own work setting in the Philippines.

Please sum up your experience of studying by distance learning with LSHTM.

It is currently my first year of studies, and it has been amazing to receive the resources and information that are specially curated for distance learners. The modules are well thought out with a cohesive and coherent flow that helps clarify and review concepts. I look forward to experiencing the other modules in the coming years.

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