Ihab Alkhaldi – MSc Mechanical Engineering

Ihab’s story

When you grow up being taught English and how to ‘use your grey matter’ by your former-engineer father, then go on to earn A’s in maths and physics, you’re pretty much destined to become an engineer. So you might as well do it the right way.

That’s not a complaint mind you, I enjoy solving problems, even if they sometimes give you a headache. Raised the Palestinian way, my education was an English one and I’d always hoped to finish my education at an English university. But after studying for my undergraduate degree in Malaysia, I was left in two minds – follow my dream of studying in England or get a job and start my career.

In the end it was my Dad who helped me to decide. He told me that lots of people have a degree these days, push yourself and get a Masters… There’s all the time in the world later on to work. He was right, as usual.

I can’t imagine not knowing the things I know now. What really helps is how lecturers here at the University of Portsmouth don’t just give you information; they start you out and then let you discover the rest yourself, learning by your mistakes, which is far more rewarding.

This kind of learning has led me to three distinctions and two merits this year as well as a thesis on Morphing Wing design, which involves creating a bird-like aircraft wing using smart materials to increase aerodynamic efficiency. One of my objectives is to make air travel cheaper for everyone.

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