Irene Pastor Gutierrez – MSc Electronic Engineering (Euromasters)

University of Surrey

Being a student in Surrey’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering allows you to learn about and work on pioneering projects led by some of the world’s most renowned researchers in the field of electronic engineering.

The University hosts highly respected research centres such as the Advanced Technology Institute and Surrey Space Centre. The benefit of this is that you get to fully connect with and understand the subject area. The topics I’m most interested in – nanoelectronics and space engineering – are innovative and research-based, so it’s crucial that you have the right resources and academic support. I’ve found modules such as ‘Nanoelectronics and Devices’ and ‘Space Robotics and Autonomy’ to be extremely interesting, practical and well taught.

Thanks to excellent support from my programme directors and the University, I managed to find a placement at Cobham Antenna System, a company which provides data transmission solutions for critical mission operations. During my six month placement there I worked as a software development engineer and, at the request of the company, I’ve continued to work there on another project while completing my studies at Surrey. I’ve not only been able to improve my engineering skills and learn more about electronics in the fields of telecommunications and aerospace, but I’ve also experienced what it’s like to work in a professional environment.

One of the best things about Surrey is all the support you get in terms of your future career. The programme directors, academic staff and Employability and Careers centre help you to get your CV and cover letter on track, provide support with job applications and advise you about professional skills. I found these resources very useful.

In the future I want to carry on growing as an engineer – perhaps working in another country to broaden my experience further. Electronic engineering is a constantly evolving field where engineers not only create innovative products but also keep learning every day: this is what motivates me and makes me feel optimistic about my career choice.

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