Navin, from Singapore and studying Medicine at the University of Dundee


My name is Navin, I am from a faraway land right in the heart of South East Asia – Singapore. Singapore is a fine country with good Schools, Universities and great quality of life. As such, it was not an easy choice for me to choose Dundee as my tertiary institution.

My journey to Dundee started way back in Oct 2014, when I first applied to various UK schools to do my medicine course overseas. I got back from Dundee and three other Universities, and thus began the month of interviews, almost every weekend of the month I was flying to Malaysia for my interview (dreaded each one of them). Finally, of all the offers I got, I chose Dundee, which was what I wanted all along. Then I took a gap year before I officially started working on all paperwork necessary to study in Dundee. The rest is history!

I am a strong believer in having a good support system. With good staff, student and peer support, any student can do well in his chosen course of study! Also, trust me in this, they are not joking when you hear people say Dundee staff and people are nice and polite. They really are! That was one of many positive culture shocks I got even before being in Dundee. Also, to my fellow international students out there, the respective country’s student society will take care of any issue you have!

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