Research student of the year – Frederick Dayour – PhD Tourism

University of Surrey

My name is Frederick Dayour, a Ghanaian, currently pursuing my PhD research in tourism at the University of Surrey, UK. I had both my Bachelor’s and Master degrees in 2009 and 2012 respectively – in the field of tourism at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I have a great passion for academe and enthusiastic about achieving my vision as a world class scholar in tourism, pushing the limits of innovative scholarship and promoting impactful teaching in higher education.

My PhD research is focused on the kinds of risks backpackers perceive towards the use of smartphones in Ghana and what risk relievers they evolve to deal with the risk perceived. Generally, there is a current literature that brings to the fore that backpackers have become ‘hypermobile’ in nature and that the mobile has become an indispensable travel companion – reorienting their sociality, ideologies and networking behaviours.

However, such devices as mobile phones, particularly, the smartphone emits various risk concerns that affect consumer decision marking – and make others cynical and concerned about privacy, security and even physical risk among others. Thus, this study is exploring the dimensions of risk that matter to this unique cohort of travelers and what they do to contain the risk perceived – with the hope of widening the understanding of perceived risk towards ICTs especially within the context of a destination.

My experience of doing a PhD has been challenging yet enlightening due to the broad range of resources that are available to help me discover my academic potential and become competitive after the programme. I am grateful for the research support services offered to PhD students, such as the Research Development Programme (RDP). This programme has contributed amazingly to my research experience, especially in my first year, and has facilitated the milestones in my PhD journey so far. I am also happy about the congenial work stations given to PGRs, not to mention the social events organised to boost our morale and to relieve the stress that comes with research.

I have benefited from collaborations since I started the programme in Surrey. I have had a joint publication with my supervisors and am still working on other publications. Through a tripartite workshop organised in China involving Surrey, Sun-Yat Sen University and University of Queensland, I have leveraged many opportunities to start collaborating with other colleagues and academics. I also have a healthy research network with colleagues at the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China.

I like the multicultural environment at Surrey. Staff and students in Surrey are very outgoing and always ready to offer help, which makes me feel at home. Surrey’s proximity to London and the train station gives me the advantage to visit London anytime. The proximity to Gatwick airport has helped me a lot. I have travelled to Germany, Italy and China while at Surrey.

My proudest achievement has been going through my confirmation exams in the ninth month of my registration. Following the end of my PhD journey, I would like to work as a lecturer in a university to teach and conduct academic research in the field of tourism. I would also like to collaborate more with industry practitioners and other universities other than the one I will teach in, to facilitate knowledge transfer.

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