The March 2018 deadline has now passed. This entry will be updated as soon as details of the next round of funding are announced

The Trust makes individual awards, All Saints Scholarships, to students from the UK/EU (‘home’ students) and to students who are citizens of other countries.
All applicants must be over the age of 18. There is no upper age limit; but the Trust must be confident that those applying will be in a position to make a commensurate ongoing contribution to society as the fruits of any award that they receive.

All programmes must be carried out at recognised institutions of higher education in the UK.
The Trustees of All Saints are obliged by charity law to ‘act in such a manner as will advance education in accordance with the doctrines, rites and practices of the Church of England or of a church in communion with it’ [from the Trust’s 1979 Charity Commission Scheme, clause 9(3)]. For this reason, in awarding personal scholarships Trustees have to be generally satisfied that those to whom they offer scholarships understand and are in sympathy with the duty imposed on the Trust by this clause.

Applications can be accepted from adherents of other denominations or faiths, or those professing no faith, therefore, provided they can offer a reasoned case why the academic programme they intend to pursue with financial support from the Trust will pay heed to the legal implications of the Trust’s charitable Scheme, as above.
Enquiries from people who are not eligible to apply may not be answered.

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Ground Floor
Knightrider House
30-32 Knightrider Street
[email protected]

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