Colt Foundation Fellowships in Occupational/Environmental Health 2019

The Foundation awards Fellowships each year to persons who are qualified in science or medicine who are carrying out research within the area of occupational and environmental health at a UK university. The Fellowship is normally for three years and the research is expected to lead to a PhD degree. We do not have application forms and prospective students should apply to Mrs Jackie Douglas, address below, including an outline of the proposed research which demonstrates the occupational content of their work, a CV, a detailed letter of support from the proposed supervisor and the contact details of two referees. The application must be submitted by the student personally and not by their supervisor on their behalf, although it is expected that the supervisor will have an input to ensure that the project can lead to a successful PhD. Fellowships are awarded in competition and are a personal award to the student, and the outline must therefore contain sufficient detail to enable the Selection Panel to determine that the work has been well-designed, that the work is worthwhile and can be completed in the three-year period, and to enable the Panel to decide which students should be interviewed. The stipend rate for the first year is £14,000 (£16,000 inside London), rising with UK inflation for the following two years. Payments will include UK/EU fees and overseas candidates applying would be expected to meet the difference in UK/EU and International rates. A sum to cover research expenses will also be awarded. The grant does not attract any taxation. Applications can be submitted by email.

Copies of the advertisement for the 2019 Fellowships will be mailed to all universities and colleges in the UK during July 2019 to ensure maximum exposure. The closing date for receipt of applications is 1st September 2019.  Those shortlisted for interview will be invited to attend in London in November 2019.  

If there are any queries about the Colt Foundation Fellowships, please contact Jackie Douglas on 023 9249 1400, or email: [email protected] or write to The Colt Foundation, 12 The Briars, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville Hampshire PO7 7YH.

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

If there are any queries about the Colt Foundation Fellowships, please contact Jackie Douglas on 023 9249 1400, or email: [email protected] or write to The Colt Foundation, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2LY.
Email: [email protected]

Funding Notes

For qualified students in science or medicine.

Funding Information

Application Deadline:

01 September 2019

Please see our website for how to apply:
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