The Daphne Jackson Trust is a registered charity, governed by a board of Trustees. Its offices are based in the department of physics at the University of Surrey.
The aims of the Daphne Jackson Trust are:
• to enable women and men to return to research with confidence after a career break
• to maintain a talented STEM workforce by offering flexible fellowships
• to support equality and diversity in the workplace
• to develop partnerships that extend the reach and increase the impact of the work of the Trust
Daphne Jackson Fellowships offer STEM professionals wishing to return to research after a break of 2 or more years, the opportunity to balance an individually tailored retraining programme with a challenging research project in a suitably supportive environment.
The unique combination of mentoring, retraining and research the Daphne Jackson Fellowship provides, gives Fellows the confidence and skills they need to return to their career and compete for research positions.
Fellowships can be based in a university of research institute anywhere in the UK
If you are ready to return to research following a break of 2 or more years, do get in touch about applying for a Daphne Jackson Fellowship!
If you have a potential host institution and/or research area in mind, you can apply for a Fellowship at any time. As your application progresses, the Trust will endeavour to find suitable sponsorship.
Alternatively, you can apply for a sponsored Fellowship. Details of current opportunities can be found at

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