Closing date: 31 March 2019

EWS Educational Trust

The Trust was formed in 2009 to help people with close family links to the UK rail freight Industry achieve their educational, artistic or sporting potential.

Support from the Trust is usually given in the form of financial grants.

Exceptional Contribution Award

The Exceptional Contribution Award was created by the Trust to help unlock the potential of people who are working towards the development of something truly extraordinary for the greater good.

The Trust is seeking applications from those who are about to start or who are working on such a project and who would welcome financial support to help them succeed.

This Award is aimed at those likely to be involved in, but not limited to medical, scientific or engineering advancement and likely to be doing doctoral or post-doctoral research.

The level of grant potentially available would be significantly higher than the usual grants maximum.

Postgraduate grants

If you are planning to study for an MA or PhD that doesn’t fit the Exceptional Contribution Criteria, the Trust still wishes to consider applications for an educational grant to help you with your studies. These awards are currently on-going.

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

If you are applying for a grant or would like more information on the Trust please visit

To apply for the Exceptional Contribution Award please contact us initially using the contact form on our website. 

Entry Requirements

To be considered for a grant from the EWS Educational Trust applicants must have a close family link to the UK Railfreight industry. Close family means, parents, step-parents, grandparent, spouse, partner or civil partner.

The close family member must work in or have worked in the UK rail freight industry. This includes for example, Colas Railfreight, DB Cargo (UK), DB Schenker, DRS, Freightliner, GB Railfreight, or former companies such as British Rail’s freight organisations, for example, Trainload Freight, Loadhaul, Mainline Freight, Transrail, Railfreight Distribution, English Welsh and Scottish Railways and so on.

Funding Information

Application Deadline:

31 March 2019

Please see our website for how to apply:
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