The December 2017 deadline has now passed. This entry will be updated as soon as details of the next round of funding are announced
At the Law Offices of Randy Collins we strongly believe that continuing education and giving back to the legal community is the responsibility of every successful criminal defense law firm. As attorneys ourselves, we’ve placed great value on our own education when making sacrifices on our paths to and beyond law school. If you intend to do the same, we want to help.

Having always been firm advocates of higher learning, we are proud to give back to those aspiring to become lawyers through the Law Offices of Randy Collins Scholarship.  This law school scholarship opportunity is awarded to one student each year based on verifiable merit.
The law school scholarship recipient will receive the award in 30-90 days after the deadline. By participating, you are providing your full consent for us to contact you by mail, email, and phone. In addition, if you are selected as the winner, you are also giving us your consent to use your full name, law school or college identification as well as your submitted essay on our site and for any other promotional purposes, without any further payment or compensation to you. If you would like us to use your chosen photo, please send that in with your scholarship submission. The recipient will be responsible for payment of any Federal and/or State taxes due to the receipt of the scholarship.

2017 Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
Award: $1,000
Submission Deadline: Must be received by December 10, 2017
This scholarship has been made available to all law students or college students who are currently attending and admitted to a state accredited law school or an undergraduate degree program at an accredited American university or college.

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

Please write a complete essay answering the questions provided on the website as well as provide us with proof of current attendance at a college or university (transcripts work). Your responses should be 2,000 to 5,000 words, although you will not be disqualified if it is shorter or longer.
Submissions must be sent to us by either email or mail:

[email protected]

Law Offices of Randy Collins
1000 Quail Street, Suite 110
Newport Beach, California 92660

Funding Information

Please see our website for how to apply:
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