The May 2018 deadline has now passed. This entry will be updated as soon as details of the next round of funding are announced. In the meantime, do read on to find out more for future reference about this funding opportunity.

Primarily Lincoln’s Inns Scholarships are for those undertaking their GDL and BPTC years; it is the Inn’s view that these are the years of maximum need for students.
All of the Inn’s awards are made on merit. Merit is assessed in terms of a candidate’s intellectual qualities, which are of the highest importance at the modern Bar, together with qualities of personality and presentation, which are also regarded as being of the greatest importance to anyone aiming for a life as a barrister.
Please find below specific criteria that Scholarship Applicants need consider when submitting an application.

Application Criteria
Intellectual strength, ordinarily evidenced in large part by real excellence in performance at University.
A confident person capable also of being sensitive to other people and to the situation with which he or she is dealing.
High motivation and drive with evidence of serious commitment to some aspect of work at the Bar through, for example, mooting and mini-pupillages.
Complete integrity.
A high level of intelligent articulacy; someone confident, but perceptive, who knows what he or she is talking about.

General Conditions for Awards
Only those students intending to practice at The Bar of England & Wales are eligible to apply for scholarships and awards.
Applications from residents outside of England and Wales are accepted; however scholarships are only awarded to those who intend to practise at the Bar of England and Wales.
The making of any award does not prevent the recipient from applying for an award for the subsequent year.
The value of each award is calculated through a means test based on the applicants’ disclosed financial resources and obligations. A separate Means Testing Panel review applicants’ individual circumstances through the use of financial information provided during your Scholarship Application.

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

For all enquiries concerning Lincoln’s Inn’s Scholarships, please contact Thomas Hope, the Scholarships Coordinator via the following email: [email protected]

Funding Information

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