Prepare yourself for a career in sought-after specialist language work including translation, editing and précis-writing.

If you’re interested in working as a professional linguist, working with the written word to provide translations and specialised language services, this course is an excellent option.

With a growing demand for highly trained speakers of English in the UK and abroad, the specialist master’s will equip you to set up your own freelance business or work in-house for an international organisation or agency.

Unlike other courses of its kind, ours covers editing, revision, précis-writing and proofreading. Employers and agencies have told us they’re looking for these services, so having the right skills will place you in a strong position for securing work. You’ll also gain skills in public service and commercial interpreting, and will learn about setting up in business.

In many cases, we can arrange a translation placement. This may be in an international organisation, such as the EU and UN, or another independent agency, and will give you first-hand experience of the workplace and valuable contacts for building your career. Bath has a memorandum of understanding with the UN and the European Parliament for training interpreters and translators. Their trainers visit us regularly, offering a unique insight into the skills needed to work there.

The course is taught by highly qualified tutors. While some have worked for international organisations, others have developed their careers as freelance linguists. All bring extensive experience to the classroom to give students invaluable advice.

You’ll leave with:

• a proven ability to work with varied and challenging texts, providing a strong foundation for working at an international level
• experience of working to deadlines and using style guides
• relationships with potential employers and colleagues from your placement
• contacts with our strong alumni network of linguists working in international organisations, private bodies and independent agencies
• evidence of translation experience including the 10,000-word translation and 5,000-word commentary you complete at the end of the taught part of the course

Graduate Prospects

We have a worldwide reputation for training professional translators, editors and précis-writers. This course draws on that expertise and extends into new and specialised areas of language work where there’s a great demand for highly trained linguists with English as their first or ‘A’ language.

Organisations are keen to recruit the linguists we produce and our graduates have gone on to work for the following organisations:

• Etymax Translation Bureau, London
• European Central Bank
• European Commission
• Google
• International Atomic Energy Agency
• International Committee of the Red Cross
• International Court of Justice
• International Maritime Organization
• International Telecommunications Union
• International Union of Railways (UIC)
• Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
• United Nations in Geneva and Vienna

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Entry Requirements

You should have a bachelor’s honours degree or international equivalent, typically a 2:1 or above.

Funding Information

Application Deadline:

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