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MSc Cardiology and Stroke

The MSc Cardiology and stroke programme is designed for junior doctors with career intentions in stroke or cardiology, general practitioners with special interest as well as acute medicine or emergency medicine physicians who want to enhance their understanding of stroke or cardiology. We also welcome interest from clinical nurse specialists and other healthcare professionals working in cardiology and stroke or emergency or acute medicine.

This programme will provide students with the requisite clinical assessment, Investigation, decision-making skills, treatment plan and management for a range of cardiology conditions and stroke including pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions.

The programme provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and skills about cariology and stroke. Simulation based education will be used to teach both technical and non-technical skills in the specialists taught modules.

The MSc Cardiology and Stroke aim to 

  • Develop critical skills in the use of assessment in a range of cardiology and stroke conditions.
  • Provide students with the requisite critical decision-making skills and management of a range of cardiology and stroke conditions (including pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions).
  • Enable students to develop a critical application of knowledge, skills and best evidence, pertinent the acute phases of cardiovascular illness and subsequent rehabilitative care.
  • Develop critical application of detailed and targeted investigations as a contribution to reaching an accurate diagnosis and delivery of effective care.
  • Develop critical skills in the use of assessment in patients with a range of cardiological conditions including stroke.
  • Develop critical and in depth understanding in the use of appropriately targeted investigations as a contribution to both reaching an accurate diagnosis and the delivery of safe and effective care.

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