MSc Global Public Health and Policy – scholarships and bursaries available to those eligible

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Build and enhance your understanding of policymaking to address all core aspects of public health from a global perspective.

During this specialist master’s course, you’ll explore the factors that contribute to some of the biggest public health challenges facing society today. These may include:

  • global climate change
  • pandemics
  • crises, such as war and conflict
  • determinants of health
  • health inequalities

You’ll learn about the approaches used to respond to these challenges, in the context of improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations.

The combination of topics covered will help you to gain a worldwide perspective on public health. You’ll analyse various elements and considerations that go into developing, implementing and sustaining evidence-based, public health policy using contemporary examples and case studies.

Throughout this course, you’ll have the chance to work with research-active academics, as well as representatives from Centres and Groups in our Department.

Practice Track

The Practice Track is an alternative to a dissertation. It’s your chance to work on a consultancy or research-based project with an external organisation, using the skills and knowledge you’ll gain during your studies.

You’ll conduct appropriate research, analyse data (if necessary) and share your solution as a written report and presentation.

Graduate prospects

With a strong grounding in public health and health policy, you will be well equipped to respond to public health challenges in fast-paced political, media and technological contexts.

You could go on to work in roles such as:

  • Epidemiologist
  • Health scientist
  • Public health advisor or practitioner
  • Field consultant
  • Global health educator
  • Policy analyst
  • Environmental health practitioner
  • NGO aid worker

Your skills will lend themselves to working in:

  • Government agencies
  • International organisations
  • Private research
  • Academia
  • International charitable foundations or other NGOs

You’ll also be better prepared to progress your studies to doctoral level in areas related to health and policy.

Scholarships and bursaries

You could be considered for a bursary or scholarship to help you study at Bath.

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