Packed columns are widely used as chemical reactors. Particle-level (low-level) computer models exist that link catalyst pellet geometry to packing structure and uniformity in the column. This is already happening in industry. Flow field inside the packing can also be calculated. The next link is to reactor performance. High-level (whole column scale) phenomenological models are available to map concentration of one or more reactants/products, but the models tend to involve many empirically determined parameters. A particle (or low) level model can in principle provide values for these parameters.

In this project, your task will be to adapt an existing particle-level mass transfer model designed for packed beds to include heat transfer and more rigorous reaction kinetics, and to link the low-level and high-level models together for practical applications. It will involve model development, software implementation and code and model validation.

Funding covers the cost of fees at £4,250 and provides a maintenance of £14,553 for the 2017/18 academic year. Funding duration is 3.5 years. UK applicants will be eligible for a full award paying tuition fees and maintenance. European Union applicants will be eligible for an award paying tuition fees only, except in exceptional circumstances, or where residency has been established for more than 3 years prior to the start of the course.

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