One of the objectives of The Froebel Trust is to provide grants for research and educational projects that further the understanding and practice of Froebelian thinking.
Froebel’s principles and ideas have been developed and adapted many times since he died, but now, as we enter an age of globalised economies and pervasive electronic media, it is important that Froebelian practices are kept under research scrutiny and subject to development within the general principles which he established. The Froebel Research Committee encourages research by awarding Small Grants for pilot studies, and PhD bursaries for research. It tries to be generous in appreciating the creativity and ingenuity of proposals and helpful in its advice to researchers. It does expect that all funded projects should be of sufficient substance and quality to result in publication, preferably in refereed journal(s) and/or book form.

The Committee also requires, as a condition of the award of PhD bursaries or Small Grants or other financial support, that the recipients make interim presentations and updates to the Committee. A copy of subsequent publication(s), and acknowledgement of the Committee’s financial support is also expected.
Successful Small Grant applicants will be required to keep in regular touch with a nominated member of the Research Committee to discuss progress and, where possible, participate in the appropriate research centre at the University. Small grants usually have a lifespan of 12-18 months from award to completion, with a mid-grant update to the committee, and an end of grant presentation and discussion. Small grants are currently set at a maximum of £5,000.
Successful PhD bursary applicants will be required to be full or part-time students at a UK University with a recognised Froebelian tutor, and must attend regularly for supervision and to participate in the appropriate research centre at the University. Bursaries are offered at set fees which are advertised, and also pay university tuition fees.

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

Please submit your application either by email, or by letter, to the Chief Executive at: [email protected] or to:
Clarence Lodge, Clarence Lane, Roehampton, London SW15 5JW
Download the Application Pro Forma here.

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