Under the scheme, students may receive support for certain full-time vocational courses, mostly at diploma level. The scheme does not support all postgraduate courses. To be eligible for postgraduate support students must meet the residence and previous study conditions; and take an eligible course.

The scheme applies only to full-time, vocational postgraduate courses, mostly at diploma level. Not all courses in the UK are included in the scheme and it does not normally cover:
courses which are open to students who are not graduates;
students taking diplomas which are not approved by a UK university or the Open University; or certain courses outside Scotland where a similar course is available in Scotland.

Support for many courses at masters or doctorate level is the responsibility of one of the research councils.
Awards from PSAS are discretionary, not mandatory. We cannot guarantee that students will receive an award at postgraduate level.

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

See website for details, online and other application forms.
0845 111 0244

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