Proud to be a top 30 UK research intensive university*

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To be a researcher is to make a difference. To be a researcher is to change the world. Every day, world-changing research happens right here.

With our vibrant, robust, and inclusive environment and our research-intensive roots, there is nowhere better placed to research the unknown and the unanswered.

Our world is a work in progress

As Citizens of Change, our researchers are dedicated to researching some of today’s most critical issues, from viruses and disease to air quality, preserving our natural world, and ensuring social justice for all. Just as we are diverse in our makeup, we are equally diverse in our research. Our five areas of research strength: Space Power and AI, Human Health, Sustaining the World, Cultural and Natural Heritage, and Social Justice and Inclusion allow our researchers to significantly improve lives and societies through the power and impact of their research.

Distinguished history

From the ground-breaking research into DNA fingerprinting, unearthing and identifying the remains of King Richard III, to being one of the Top 10 universities to receive funding to research the impact of COVID, our research experts are improving lives and societies across the globe.

Our passion for change

As Citizens of Change, our strength is built on the talent of our academics. Our scholarship is respected for its excellence around the world. Our discoveries make an amazing difference to people’s lives and we are committed to realising the impact of our work through research, innovation, knowledge exchange, enterprise and collaboration.

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*Source: Research Excellence Framework 2021 – Environment Statement

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UK, EU and International applicants.

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