The SAMS research bursary supports research in any marine science subject – especially if of relevance to Scotland. In the past this bursary has often allowed visiting scientists to spend some time working at SAMS. The bursary might support travel, research assistance, completion of a project, or capital equipment purchase (for which SAMS reserves the right to retain ownership). Any application will be judged on criteria including the originality of the project, the clarity and focus of the objectives, the research plan and content, its socio-economic relevance, the probability of being completed, and other funding sources and applications.
Successful applicants should be – or are required to become – members of SAMS.


Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

Applicants should provide
• A brief description of the project
• Itimised costings to justify the requested funds
• An indication of other funding granted or applied for
• A brief CV including bibliography
Applications should be sent to the director of SAMS by email or letter.

Funding Information

Please see our website for how to apply:
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