We have developed our programs to best prepare talented students – from fresh graduates to senior-level professionals – to understand and thrive in today’s economic, business and social realities. We offer innovative and researchled education in one of the world’s most buzzing financial and tech hubs, complete with an award-winning startup incubator. Our international faculty specialize in economics, statistics, finance and business, providing an ideal learning environment for future analysts, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and researchers.

Programs offered

  • MS in Business Analytics
  • MS in Finance
  • MS in Technology Management and Innovation
  • MA in Global Economic Relations
  • MA in Economics
  • MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets
  • PhD in Business Administration
  • PhD in Economics

Where it will take you

Our students have been hired by employers such as: Accenture  Bank of China BCG  BlackRock  Citi  EPAM  Ericsson  GE  Goldman Sachs  KPMG  IBM McKinsey  Moody’s  MSCI  MOL Group  Morgan Stanley  Nokia  Procter & Gamble  PwC  Tata  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development   European Central Bank  European Commission  International Monetary Fund United Nations Development Fund  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  World Bank

Why CEU?

• Students and faculty from 115 countries
• Alumni on 6 continents in top positions
• Accredited in the U.S. and Hungary
• 8:1 student/faculty ratio
• Based in Budapest and Vienna


In pursuit of our mission, we strive to attract world-class graduate talent from all over the world. This is why we offer generous and accessible scholarships, available to students from any country.

In 2017-2018, 82% of CEU students received financial aid, ranging from tuition awards to scholarships with stipends and housing.

Learn more about how to fund your studies at www.ceu.edu/financialaid

Administrative Contacts & How To Apply

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Funding Information

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