The School of Languages, Linguistics and Film at Queen Mary University of London, brings together international scholars across a range of interrelated humanities disciplines – languages, linguistics and film. Our diversity of academic specialism is our strength. Our collective approach allows us to reach out to other disciplines and, most importantly, to society. This ethos is embedded in our masters degrees in two ways: our programmes offer access to broad-based, interdisciplinary content and, secondly, to new research approaches that are transforming their fields.
Linguistics students, for example, acquire advanced skills in both formal linguistics and sociolinguistics; film students investigate the latest areas of research in film philosophy, eco-cinema, and film outside the cinema; languages students work with international scholars and cultural institutions here in the capital and overseas to expand their global insight. Comparative literature students, meanwhile, address the concept of ‘world literature’, which is increasingly taking the discipline far beyond its original scope.
Our international profile means we’re able to offer our students opportunities to work with organisations and businesses outside of the academic world too. As a result, our postgraduates are well equipped to embark on academic research or fulfilling careers in other areas such as the creative industries, which are becoming increasingly important in the UK and wider global economies. Our masters programmes in Documentary Practice and Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching, for example, open up professional avenues in those particular areas.

Courses include:
MA Anglo-German Cultural Relations
MA Applied Linguistics
MA Comparative Literature
MA Documentary Practice
MA Film Studies
MA Linguistics

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