The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has contracted with a consortium led by the National Nuclear Laboratory and three universities, Lancaster, Leeds and Manchester to conduct a research programme on nuclear fuel recycle and waste management. This position is for a PhD to work at the School of Chemical and Process Engineering (CAPE) on this programme. The role will be related to an experimental study on the use of centrifugal contactors in an advanced recycle facility. The aim of the project is to conduct trials on uranium extraction using pilot scale centrifugal contactors in the nuclear laboratories at the University of Leeds and underpin the preferred use of centrifugal contactors in an advanced PUREX and/or i-SANEX process. Specifically, the project will focus on the effect of solids in the primary separation stage of an advanced PUREX plant. The aim will be to gather data on overall stage extraction efficiencies for uranium.

This study will link to engineering studies, in providing further operational data to underpin a future programme of development for the use of centrifugal contactors and identify knowledge gaps that must be filled. The trial will focus on the primary separation in an advanced PUREX plant and aim to gather data on overall stage extraction efficiencies for uranium, without and with the addition of solids. The first stage of the project will be to characterise the rheological properties of potential actinide solids, using simulants. Once complete a series of trial runs using a 3 stage centrifugal contactor rig (Rousselet Robatel model BXP-040, 40mm internal diameter) will be conducted to determine overall stage extraction efficiencies for uranium. This opportunity of for a 3.5year PhD project. It also offers a £2000 per year addition to the standard EPSRC stipend, as a contribution from the Industrial Partner.

Funding covers the cost of fees at £4,250 and provides a maintenance of £14,553 for the 2017/18 academic year. Funding duration is 3 years. UK applicants will be eligible for a full award paying tuition fees and maintenance. European Union applicants will be eligible for an award paying tuition fees only, except in exceptional circumstances, or where residency has been established for more than 3 years prior to the start of the course.

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Contact Professor Bruce Hanson to discuss this project further informally: [email protected]

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