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Lendwise – a specialised education finance platform 

Lendwise is the alternative way to fund your Masters, MBA or PhD studies! 

Through its innovative online platform, Lendwise offers fair, sensible and student-friendly loans at competitive rates for students who require funding to pursue their MBA, postgraduate degrees or PhD studies across all disciplines and courses.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to pursue your educational aspirations. We offer simple to understand and personalised loans that take into account your specific profile including future earnings potential when assessing your credit worthiness.Lendwise

We believe in the potential created by education and place considerable emphasis on education-related variables to evaluate your application on a holistic basis rather than focusing solely on your credit profile.  Our innovative peer-to-peer funding model and differentiated approach to evaluating credit-worthiness means that we can be relatively competitive with our interest rates, which of course benefits students. 

Interest rates are personalised to each applicant and take into account your overall profile, length of study as well as your repayment period.  The interest rate on a Lendwise Loan is fixed so a borrower knows the amount of each repayment in advance to allow for better financial budgeting. A Lendwise Loan can be operated fully online although we are a phone call away should you need any assistance. 

Lendwise Loans can also be used alongside the Postgraduate Masters Loan or Postgraduate Doctoral Loan (or similar funding) received from the Government, so students have even more chance of fulfilling their ambitions through the pursuit of higher education.

We believe Lendwise will help close the funding gap that currently exists when it comes to the pursuit of Higher Education, which will help enable and augment the pursuit of Higher education in the UK.  Our aim is to offer a personalised and customised financing solution to aspiring individuals, which can be operated fully online and comes without repayment penalties. 

Some key features of a Lendwise Loan:

  • Based on future earnings potential – more than just the credit score
  • Loans from £5000, up to £100,000 (subject to approval)
  • Loan term length up to 10 years
  • Representative APR of 7.9% (*each interest rate is specific to an individual and your interest may differ)
  • Can be used alongside Postgraduate Masters Loan or Postgraduate Doctoral Loan (or similar funding) received from the Government
  • Loans disbursed on an as-required basis directly to institution, reducing interest accrued where possible and thus reducing the overall cost of loan
  • Up to 6 months grace period available after studies before repayments start (full time courses only and subject to approval)
  • Fixed interest rate and no early repayment penalties

LendwiseLendwise is based in London and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK) under firm registration number 782496.  Lendwise Ltd is registered in England with company number 10466048.  Full details of Lendwise Ltd’s terms and policies including details of its privacy policy can be found at 


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