PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair 2016 - The PhD Student Peer to Peer Advice Room


We are delighted that The Student Room is sponsoring the PhD Student Peer to Peer Advice Room.

The PhD Student Peer to Peer Advice Room is another unique opportunity at our specialist PhD Funding Fair: you will be able to chat in person to current PhD students, on hand to talk to you about their experience of doing a PhD.

In each of the Morning and Afternoon sessions, there will be students available to talk about PhDs in a range of the subject areas covered during that Session.

They will introduce themselves at the Student Panel talk before relocating to the Peer to Peer Room which will be clearly signposted.

You'll then be able to talk individually to them about their experiences of applying for a PhD, looking for funding, and how doing a PhD actually works and what to look out for. Come and have a chat, separate fact from fiction and myth from reality - find out what it's really like!

See the PhD Peer to Peer students you can meet on the day.

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