PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair 2016 - What Students Think about the Fair

Students really value coming to the annual PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair. We have include some comments and feedback below.
Read how previous attendees found funding and a PhD Supervisor at the Fair.
You can also hear the thoughts of students who have attended as well as the National Union of Students (NUS) and in our series of short videos.
Here are just some of the comments from students who have attended our PhD Funding Fairs:
The Fair
"I found the Fair well organised and encouraging. Attending was time well spent"
"The Universities I talked to were very helpful and they gave me all the information I needed from them. All the people I met were also very enthusiastic in talking to student" Sofia
"It has actually led me to get in touch with someone who has offered to be my supervisor! I really cannot thank you enough for organising it because not only did it give me a more comprehensive idea of what the application would be like but being able to speak to universities and past students was amazing" Katherine
“First of all thank you very much the event was extremely helpful and good fun” Marc
“I found it a really positive experience and it's given me an extra kick in motivation” Liam
“The fair was very informative and I'm glad to have attended” Oluwole
“In all, the PhD Funding Fair has been extremely useful to me, as it allowed me to clarify many issues very efficiently. I also found the fair to be excellently organised in almost every aspect” Conny
“I thought it was great to have a free-to-attend event like this where all the universities were gathered…” Jenny
The Talks
"I found the talks very useful in giving me some idea on how to proceed, particularly Dr Holly Prescott" Sharon
"I attended the talk on how to apply for a PhD. It was very helpful, especially when it came to emailing a prospective professor and what the best way to go about it is" Edan
"I found the talks the most useful part of the event, in particular the talks on funding and how to apply. There is so much information online, so to attend talks that unpack all of my queries in a simple and informative way really helped me" Katie
"The lecture from Queen Mary was very enjoyable in which she described what exactly a PhD student can expect to do throughout their studies" Fatima

Peer to Peer Room
"It was useful because you can actually put a face to PhD students as they share with you some of their experiences. They can talk from the inside how is the PhD, which are the difficulties they face every day, etc. I would highly recommend this Fair to someone who wants to start a PhD because you get a broad knowledge and very useful tips from the people who is doing it or has been doing a PhD" Mireia
“The peer advice room was very helpful in learning from other people's experiences, especially past experiences of discouragements and how they might be overcome” Max
"Everybody was very supportive and gave their best possible knowledge about funding and also how to make an application and showcase the PhD proposal" Fatima
“I think that was a very clever idea” Jo