PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair 2017 - Meet the Peer to Peer Advice Room PhD Students

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The PhD Student Peer to Peer Advice Room is another unique opportunity at our specialist PhD Funding Fair: in each of the Morning and Afternoon sessions, there will be students available to talk about PhDs in a range of the subject areas covered during that Session.

They will introduce themselves at the Student Panel talk before relocating to the Peer to Peer Room which will be clearly signposted.

They will be happy to talk to you about their general experiences of the application process, making contact with potential supervisors, comparing the research culture of prospective departments, and looking for funding. And also, importantly - is a PhD right for you? What questions to ask yourself, and how to prepare for life as a research student. Come and have a chat, separate fact from fiction and myth from reality - find out what it's really like!

Here is a brief introduction to some of the students you can meet on the day. Even if your research area is not represented, the PhD students will be able to provide you with tips and insights for a successful PhD experience


Stefanie - Marketing:
I’m a final year PhD student at King’s College London (King’s Business School) currently writing up my research into how people process delightful consumer experiences, a topic that embraces marketing as well as psychology. Although I’m more than happy to talk about anything PhD-related, the areas I can tell you most about are dealing with challenges during the PhD and turning them into something positive, getting access to funding if you’re not on a scholarship (and juggling your studies if you decide to work alongside), and what to do with a PhD after the PhD. Look forward to seeing you on the 4th December!
Kunika - Classics with War Studies:
I am a second-year PhD student at King’s College London. I am in the Department of Classics and War Studies. I am originally from Japan. I studied BA Classics and MA in Ancient History at Royal Holloway, University of London. I am currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of War Studies, teaching one of the core module for the 1st years. I was also the Postgraduate Research Representative in the Department of Classics last academic year. I am happy to chat about anything what the PhD life is like at King’s, both academic and social perspectives.
Sroyon - Law:
I am a PhD candidate in the Law Department at LSE, and my research is on environmental law and economics. I did my undergraduate degree in Law at NUJS, Kolkata. I then worked as a solicitor in the Finance team at Clifford Chance, London before doing my LLM from LSE. I'm happy to talk about making the switch from a law firm to a PhD, the application process, getting involved in student societies (I’m Secretary of the LSESU Beekeeping Society!), teaching, my experience as an LLM student adviser and PhD representative, and day-to-day life as a PhD student.
Jess - 20thC History, Media and Cultural Studies:
I have recently completed a PhD at Birkbeck, where I am currently undertaking post-doc research. She began her PhD in her early 30s after being in low-grade and low-paid employment for around fourteen years, including throughout my undergraduate and master’s degrees. A series of grants made it possible for me to undertake a PhD full time but I elected to continue working throughout my studies, which included two extended periods of research overseas. Talk to me about balancing life, work and the considerable personal and academic demands of effectively completing a PhD within a limited time.
Christopher - Management:
I am pursuing my PhD in Management Research at the King's College London Business School. Having started this September, I have already immersed myself in this very exciting new lifestyle. I previously worked in higher education and the fashion industry, having completed an MSc in International Fashion Management. Ask me about planning your way into postgraduate study, networking, the business world and the transition from a taught degree to a research degree.
Emily - History:
I study at SOAS in the department of History, focusing on the 19th century protestant missionaries in Northwest China. I received my BA from Purdue University in History and earned two MAs, one from Al Akhawayn University in Morocco in International Studies and Diplomacy and the other from the American University of Beirut in History. I am originally from the US. I am happy to talk about education background, teaching (I taught at a community college in the US for four years before coming back to get my PhD), securing funding, and relocating.
Romola - English:
I am in my third year of a PhD at King's College London. My research focuses on Shakespeare and different forms of patronage but I am also interested in wider issues of public and private funding in early modern and contemporary London. I am funded by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP) and so can share experience of applying for funding and managing some of the different stages of PhD study.
Sol - Applied Linguistics:
I am a German first year PhD student at the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick. After having worked in public relations for two years, I decided to go back to uni and did my MSc at Warwick. As cheesy as it sounds, here I fell in love with academia and decided to come back to Warwick as soon as I could to pursue my PhD studies. I have been awarded an ESRC scholarship, but had to decline and am currently in the run for a German scholarship. Come and talk to me about relocating, choosing a topic, presenting at conferences, being a PhD representative and day-to-day life of a PhD.
Aleida - Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies:
I am a PhD candidate at the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (SPLAS) department at King's College London, researching youth political participation in Lusophone Africa. I have a joint honours degree in Law with French, an LLM in International Legal practice and an MSc in Research for International Development. My research interest include Women in politics, youth political participation, diaspora's political participation, external citizenship, formal and informal mechanisms of political participation and governance in Lusophone Africa.


Josh - Quantum Physics and Computing:
I am a final year PhD student as part of the UCL Centre for Doctoral Training in Delivering Quantum Technologies. During my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Queen's University Belfast, I undertook a year out to work as a software engineer. The time in industry confirmed my suspicions that I would like to stay in academia, so after graduating, I relocated to London to pursue doctoral studies. I work on quantum physics and the theoretical aspects of quantum computing.
Alex - Biochemistry:
I graduated from Durham University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences before entering the world of graduate employment. Having realised I prefer academic life and research, I opted to pursue a Master’s in Cancer Research at Newcastle, before accepting an offer to study a PhD at the University of Exeter. As a second-year doctoral student, I am undertaking a project looking at improving photodynamic therapy in patients with non-melanoma skin cancers. I can offer advice with funding, career prospects, time management and other aspects of student life at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
Sam - Financial Computing:
I am a first-year PhD student in computer science at UCL with a focus on information extraction, machine learning and decision-making under radical uncertainty. I am on one of the integrated MRes+PhD CDT programmes and would be happy to talk about the pros/cons of the CDT compared with traditional PhD programmes.
Julia - Advanced Quantitative Methods:
I am a PhD candidate in health economics at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and my research evaluates complex interventions to link the NHS with social care in England, using innovative data science methods across statistics, mathematical modelling, and epidemiology. I was previously a management consultant and policy advisor in the US and East & West Africa, and I am happy to speak about most topics (education background, securing funding, teaching, careers, relocating).
Ricky - Physics:
I am a third year PhD student at UCL in Theoretical Particle Physics. I have skirted between my academic and industrial interests having interned and worked part time work in a tech start up during the first year of my PhD. I have also had some experience with doing scientific outreach (journalism, events, radio) and teaching alongside my pure academic interests. As well as being happy to talk about the usual nuts and bolts of a PhD (workload, supervisor relationships, time management and teaching) I'm especially happy to talk to anyone considering an academic field with no "direct" industry links and a difficult academic job market to discuss what options are available and whether it's "worth" doing a PhD in an esoteric subject!dd>

Ted - Neuroscience:
I am a third year PhD student studying at Queen Mary, University of London. My research specialises in delving into the role neuroinflammation has in neurodegenerative conditions, with a particular interest in Alzheimer’s disease. I completed my BSc in Biomedical Science at King’s College London. I successfully gained my PhD scholarship almost a year later. I do not have a Masters degree. I have experience teaching, whereby I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA). I am also an active STEM ambassador, and act as the student representative for the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) Local-Group at Queen Mary. Finally, I am a big advocator for raising awareness of mental health, whereby I write a blog in my spare time to help share my own personal stories to hopefully provide support to others that may require it.
Nora - Human-Computer Interaction:
I completed my MSc in cognitive science at the University of Edinburgh, where I focused on human-computer interaction. My undergraduate degree was in psychology, also from Edinburgh, where I focused on developmental science, mental health, and cognitive psychology. Currently I am a PhD student at UCL, studying computer science with a particular focus on human-computer interaction.
Rebecca - Biomedical Engineering:
I am a third year PhD student at Queen Mary University's Institute of Biomedical engineering. My specific research focus is to better understand cardiovascular tissue mechanics and use this information to improve the success rates of surgical procedures. I work as part of a multidisciplinary group made up of clinicians from Barts Heart Centre and engineers from Queen Mary University. Prior to starting my PhD, I graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Medical Science. I can offer advice on relocating, funding, careers, teaching plus other aspects of postgraduate life.
Brian - Cardiovascular Science
I am in my first year of a BHF-funded PhD in Cardiovascular Science with the Medical Research Council’s Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageing at UCL’s Institute for Cardiovascular Science.

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