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Ian Pogson is a part-time PhD student working at Jaguar Landrover with a passion for motorcycles, Ian talks through his typical day in his own humorous style. A day combining work with his PhD, and they certainly seem to fit together. Ian talks us through his morning itinerary:

06.00 to 07.00
Normally, I take to my glorious motorcycle, which is a paragon of PQ (Perceived Quality). Everything about my matt green, Triumph Street Triple 675cc is an object lesson in how to present and execute good PQ. The machine drips detail that pleases the eye, excites the ear, has tactile joys that pleasure the fingers, but is a bit chewy to taste. My PhD is looking at how PQ can be measured and controlled.

07.00 to 08.00
Having beaten the traffic blues I arrive at work and PQ shouts out at me from the vehicles parked at the front of my building – a brace of JLR’s best. Jaguar Land Rover produces some of the finest, most appealing vehicles on the planet.

08.00 to 09.00
My work for JLR has me sat within a group of nearly 2,000 Electrical and Software Engineers, where I provide a specialist service on Mechanical Fixings.

The subject of PQ does not come into my daily fixings responsibilities too much, not directly anyway. A vehicle’s perceived and objective product quality will however be affected directly should a fixing fail.

9.00 to 10.00
The meetings continue, the daily grind of administration and paperwork that forms an increasing part of working life and yet I am always on the look-out for something that will support my work as a part-time PhD student. Wait… What’s this? An article catches my PQ-sensitive eye. Someone in the Electrical community is looking for volunteers to assess the new fault diagnosis software.

So I volunteer, as I can see a possible journal article looking at HMI (Human Machine Interface). This would promote my employer as producing a new and improved piece of kit for its Dealership Technicians and give me an interesting PQ angle on an HMI subject. As I am trying to have an abstract approved to present at a Doctoral Symposium for an HMI conference, this could prove invaluable.

10.00 to 11.00
I arrange a meeting with the Marketing team who have close contact with our customers and assessment clinics that are run to gauge PQ reaction to new or forthcoming vehicles. There is a wealth of knowledge and information on tap. I must also consider confidentiality and JLR Company IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).

11.00 to 12.00
Another brief discussion on PQ and its relevance to our work here in a premium car manufacturer, before driving to the University for the Faculty Symposium.

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