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Jenny Mackay is a first year Forensic Psychology PhD student and successfully juggles a family life with study. Jenny describes her typical day from looking after her 5 year old daughter to self directed study on the topic of “the treatment needs of women who commit Domestic Violence and how this compares to men who are violent towards partners”.

Starting a PhD in the area of Forensic Psychology involves lots of desk reading. Jenny is about to begin a Systematic Review of the risk factors of women who commit Domestic Violence and is currently writing the protocol for this. Once the review is done, she's been accepted to present the findings via a poster at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Forensic Psychology conference in June 2016, which will be fully funded by Coventry University. Next year Jenny aim's to do some data analysis on Prison Service data and then get out to interview some female offenders.

She completed her Undergraduate Psychology degree in 2002 (De Montfort University) and then the MSc in Applied Forensic Psychology in 2006 (University of Leicester). So as someone returning to University after an almost 10 year gap, it’s taken Jenny the first few months to learn how to learn again.

The induction programme and opportunities to attend workshops have really helped with her personal and professional development, Jenny went on to say “Coventry University, the Faculty and the Research Centre, have set up an amazing induction programme. The opportunities I’ve had to attend a huge variety of workshops has been phenomenal! The Research Centre I am attached to (the Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement) includes us PhD students in their wider work by inviting us to talks and workshops, meaning I’ve been able to attend so many different, interesting events. This has been fantastic personal and professional development."

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