What is a PhD? Student explains differences between PhD and Masters

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Coventry University

Romali Biswal is currently completing a PhD at the Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Research Centre at Coventry University. Romali talks about the differences between a PhD and a masters, her academic journey so far and why she chose to do a PhD.

Romali decided to do a PhD at Coventry University and pursue a career in cutting edge research and development. She explained her thoughts on what a PhD entails. "Currently I am completing a PhD degree at the Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Research Center in Coventry University. One of the typical questions you are subjected to as a PhD student is: Why a PhD? Somehow I feel that the notion of a PhD has been invariably associated with something extremely tedious and difficult. Though this argument holds water to some extent, I believe that there is a lot more to a PhD. An undergraduate degree is like the first stepping stone: it helps one to lay a solid foundation in the key knowledge areas of a particular stream. A Master’s degree allows you to hone your skills further and gain deeper insights in specific research areas. Finally, in the pursuit of a PhD you put all your acquired skills and expertise into use to push the knowledge horizon further. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that when we visualise the PhD degree in the bigger picture, we can appreciate why it can be so challenging, difficult, yet exciting for an individual to embark upon that journey."

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