Chintan Vora, MSc Control of Infectious Diseases

Postgraduate Study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

As an intercalating medical student, I wanted a year out that would focus on the specific interests I’d garnered in the years prior. The international presence of the School, and its prominence in the fields of public and global health made clear that this was an ideal place to foster this interest. Choosing a single programme was difficult, but the Control of Infectious Diseases programme stood out as being a blend of both fields of public health and infectious diseases.

The teaching I have received on both fields has been invaluable, with clinical knowledge complemented well by policy. A major draw to the School was the diverse student body, with classmates coming from a variety of backgrounds that helped flesh out theoretical lectures with practical experiences. The ranges of countries and careers stemmed from by the staff meant that there were multiple dimensions of study, and teaching never felt entirely didactic. Though my immediate focus is completion of my undergraduate degree, going on to work in either field of infectious diseases or public health will have been a result, at least in part, to the excellent teaching provided by the School.