Victoria Gill, MSc Public Health (Public Health stream)

Postgraduate Study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

When talking with my contacts in public health before starting my courses I was overwhelmed at how many of them had attended the School and the positive experiences they all enjoyed. Because of this, I entered the School with high expectations and yet, even with this high bar, my experiences have exceeded what I had hoped for. The quality of education, international perspective and support of staff and students has truly cemented the positive opinion of my time here. I think the MSc Public Health has provided a strong foundation that will be beneficial in my future endeavours. The ability to tailor courses to my particular interests was particularly advantageous.

One outstanding component of the courses for me was the ability to engage hands on with material in seminars. Having this ability to immediately work with relevant material and then seek guidance as needed was extremely beneficial. I have always felt both supported and encouraged which allowed me to challenge myself academically and to push my boundaries into subject areas I was previously unfamiliar with. It’s this supportive atmosphere that the school fosters which I truly appreciate.

I believe the value of my time at the School not only lies in the academic knowledge I have gained but in the connections I have made with other students and staff. The sense of community at the School has allowed me to approach numerous members of faculty along with students from diverse backgrounds and gain their insight into various different aspects of public health.

The many lunchtime and evening talks gave great exposure into the variety of challenges perspectives and research opportunities currently happening beyond those discussed in course work. I think the School is a great place to be exposed to what’s out there, find your interest and pursue it.