Georgia O’Carolan, MRes Art History

Postgraduate Opportunities

Plymouth University

1. Why did you choose this institution and course?

I did my undergrad at Plymouth University- a joint honours programme in Fine Art & Art History, which was a really engaging mix of practical and written work. I wasn’t ready to leave Plymouth at the end of three years and my tutour encouraged me to apply for the MRes- so I did!

2. What does the programme involve?

The MRes course is a one-year research masters, which meant I had a whole year to concentrate on really getting to know my topic and become an expert in my field.

My thesis focused primarily on the photomontages of Hannah Hoch and explored the relationship between the way sexuality and social power were represented in the media, and how, in turn, the messages in this imagery were understood and internalised by women in interwar Germany.

I loved having the time on a masters by research to really get into my project and work independently.

3. How are you funding postgraduate study?

Alumni get a 10% discount on many courses. I received a £2000 grant from Plymouth University which was a huge help, the rest I paid from savings, with help from family or my wages.

I had two jobs while doing my masters, and worked between 24-36 hours a week.

My workload was manageable with a lot of careful timetabling; but now the £10,000 loan for masters degrees has been introduced I definitely would recommend taking it up!

4. What are your plans for after graduation?

A PhD is perhaps the obvious route with my MRes, however, I’m keeping my horizons broad applying for copywriting/research roles, I am happy so long as I can carry on writing.

While applying for jobs my MRes definitely gave me an edge in securing interviews and has given me more to showcase in the interview itself.

5. What advice would you give those considering the programme?

Just do it! You won’t regret it: it really is the best feeling to hold your freshly printed work at the end of the 25,000-word slog and think, wow, I wrote this!

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