Sophie Boothman, PGCE Secondary (Art and Design)

Postgraduate Opportunities at Plymouth

Plymouth University

Why did you choose Plymouth?
Because I got help from subject mentors to make a professional portfolio. Plymouth University also organized mock interviews at our first placement schools to get us prepared for future interviews; the help with mock interviews wasn’t offered at other universities I looked at.

How many schools will you work in as part of your placements?
3 in total, 2 secondary schools and 1 primary. By the end of my PGCE I’ll have spent around 219 hours in the classroom!

What kind of projects have you been working on as part of your course and on placement in schools?
All of my lessons within school are about setting different projects for different year groups. With year 7 we were learning about colour and how to use complementary colours effectively. With year 8 (the most fun project) we were making big 3D oversized confectionary items. Students made chocolate bars, packets of chewing gum and huge doughnuts 1 metre in size. Year 9 made art history booklets, and year 10 were learning to draw from still life.

What new skills and processes have you learnt during this postgraduate course?
I have learnt how to utilize Photoshop, lino-print, Etch, collograph, plastic welding, batik and how to make clay thumb pots and boxes and wire figure sculptures.

Tell us about something exciting you have discovered on your masters.
My PGCE year has taught me a lot about the importance of education. I have discovered that the children of today are a lot smarter then when I was at school due to advanced technology, and that this is something teachers need to adapt their profession too. It is not something you can learn from a textbook, and so the opportunity to be hands on and start teaching straight away is fantastic!

What is your career ambition?
To become the head of an Art department someday.

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