Kayleigh Sheppard – PhD Forensic Science

Staffordshire University

As graduates look back over their experiences at University, not many students would list murder reconstruction and post-mortems as particular highlights, but it has led forensic scientist Kayleigh Sheppard to the forefront of crime scene investigation research.

Since graduating with a first-class degree in Forensic Science in 2013, Kayleigh joined forces with Staffordshire Police to investigate the potential of digital imaging technology in solving crimes and is now undertaking a PhD at Staffordshire University to further her research in this area.

Now, Kayleigh is testing the use of the Spheron-VR Sceneworks technology, which consists of 360 degree camera and associated software which allows a visual file of a crime-scene to be uploaded and stored on a remote server where it can be accessed by authorised personnel working on the case.

It also allows for the addition of ‘hotspots’ which can point investigating officers to detailed physical evidence such as laboratory analysis of fingerprints and blood spatters; detailed photographs and even witness statements which can all be stored on the system.

"This PhD research will allow me to further test the efficiency of this type of technology within police forces with the hope of implementation to aid in crime scene management and presentation" says Kayleigh.

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