Vincent Menezez – MSc Accounting & Financial Management, University of York

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University of York

Postgraduate study – is it for me…?

1) What was your main reason for studying at postgraduate level?

I studied towards my undergraduate bachelor degree in Economics & Finance and interned in two finance roles; one with Deloitte in Accountancy and one with Sky in Finance during my undergraduate degree at York. I knew that Finance and Accounting was the area I was passionate about entering in the future, but really wanted to spend a further year in developing more core financial accounting and management skills before entering into my field. I knew that I wanted to go down a Taxation Consultancy in the future and thought a postgraduate degree would be the perfect opportunity to prepare me for my professional exams, as well as the prestige of having a MSc title from a prestigious university. Right at the start of my MSc degree, I secured a position working within Direct Taxation the following year and feel the prospect of my postgraduate degree really helped in my application.

2) How did you make the decision for the course you chose?

I knew I wanted to do a course with lots of financial content. I contacted the admissions tutor of my course before applying to ask a few questions about how prepared I was for entering the course, and how it could benefit me in the future towards my career goals. I had no doubt in my mind that my course (MSc Accounting & Financial Management) within the York Management School was the perfect opportunity to study a subject and topic I was passionate about. While I touched upon them in my undergraduate degree, this Masters course had the exact content I was looking for in terms of developing my skill-set for the future and preparing me for my future career. It was an interesting, relevant programme and the resources available, both study environment and academic staff, within the Management School made my decision so easy when choosing to continue studying at York.

3) What were the most helpful sources of information when choosing where to study?

I think looking into research interests of the Management School, the background of staff teaching the modules I was interested in and the course content from the prospectuses were very important in my decision. Coming from an Economics background, I knew I wanted to do something with a bit more practical management studies within it. Having heard and visited the Management School, it looked like a fantastic place to study.

4) Did you find any good information on funding options, and if so, where?

Yes, I investigated funding options before choosing to study my Masters degree. I knew about the College Tutor position within the University colleges and was keen to apply for a position, one to develop my skill-set and contribute to the university but also to help with my funding towards my studies. I was lucky to be successful in my application and took up a position as a Tutor at Constantine College, which gives me a £120 a week accommodation subsidy. While being a tutor requires a high level of commitment and on average 15 hours per week of working within the College, the role is incredibly rewarding and a brilliant opportunity that York offers for postgraduates students in all nine colleges to contribute to the University community and get involved more, but also helps with my funding of my Masters. Taking away the majority of my accommodation costs, I only have to fund my core degree with the help of my parents. The Graduate Loyalty Discount also means I had a reduced fee level, which helped a little in my financial planning.

5) How did you find the application process? Do you have any tips for making your application to York?

The application process to York was straightforward. I think the thing that worried me was writing a personal statement for postgraduate study is a bit different to undergraduate study, as now you really have to show your passion and commitment to your course even more. I think the York application was simple to fill out and conveying passion for the course is easy if you believe it is the right course for you and you have all the information that contributes towards making your decision. Gaining supervisor references was simple, and it helped talking through with my personal undergraduate supervisor in talking through my motivations on moving to the York Management School.

6) Do you have any top tips or advice for students considering postgraduate study?

I'd say York is a great place to study towards postgraduate study. My course is very international and has given me opportunities to learn so much more than just the core content. The staff and resources available have been brilliant during my postgraduate study, and the opportunities for postgraduate students to get involved in things is amazing at York. I'd say consider your course is the right one of your; it can be a long year if you are not committed to it, but if you are passionate about what you study for, I don't regret my decision one bit at all.

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