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LATEST POSTGRADUATE LOAN NEWS: Information on the new Master's loan scheme can be found HERE AND, find out more about the government consultation on postgraduate doctoral loans - and how to have your say HERE.
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To find out more in general about postgraduate opportunities in the UK, start with our quick introductory guides to postgraduate study and postgraduate funding. .
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If you are looking for Masters courses as well as funding, take a look at MastersCompare: search thousands of Masters courses, compare up to 4 courses online at any one time, even on your mobile, and save the comparisons you make and details of the courses you are interested in.
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It's hard keeping track of the different postgraduate course and funding applications you make, as well as the open days you want to attend. So we've created MyPostgradApps, where you can manage all your applications in one place. As you browse around PostgraduateStudentships and MastersCompare, click on the green button you'll find on each page. Then visit your account page on MyPostgradApps, and you'll find a record created for you for that opportunity that you can add to, and use to manage your applications and open day bookings. To find out more about how MyPostgradApps works and what it can do for you, find out what students think and watch our video.
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