Explore Intellectual Property at Queen Mary University of London - Sept 2017 start

School of Law

Queen Mary University of London

Intellectual Property (IP) careers are a popular path for students and professionals from a scientific background. Many engineering students have complimentary skills, knowledge and mind-set to pursue successful IP related career paths.

At Queen Mary University of London we offer a number of programmes around IP at our highly ranked School of Law and some of our IP programmes enable students to apply directly from any undergraduate background.

For further details for the following IP programmes please visit:

Intellectual Property Law Postgraduate Certificate (4 months Full-time)
Management of Intellectual Property MSc (9 months Full-time / 2 years Part-time)

Further questions? Then please email: ccls-ip@qmul.ac.uk

General funding sources

For general sources of funding that may apply to this study opportunity, visit the page(s) below.