Fully-funded 4-year PhD studentships in Metamaterials

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (XM2)

University of Exeter

Metamaterials are fabricated microstructures having properties beyond those found in nature. They are emerging as an important new class of materials with applications in many technology areas, from energy harvesting, through perfect imaging, to the much-hyped ‘cloaking’. Having recruited over 50 new PhD researchers in its first three years, the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (XM2) hosted by the University of Exeter (www.exeter.ac.uk/metamaterials) will admit its fourth cohort of 14-18 PhD students in September 2017.

Exeter has a well-established and strong track record of relevant research, spanning a unique mix of interests. We will run projects in the following fields (see our list of themes for full details).

• Optical, Infra-red and THz Photonics and Plasmonics
• Microwave Metamaterials
• Magnonics, Spintronics and Magnetic Metamaterial
• Acoustic and Fluid-dynamical Metamaterials
• Wave Theory and Spatial Transformations
• Graphene and other 2D Materials, and related Devices
• Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites
• Biological and Bio-inspired Metamaterials
• Quantum Metamaterials

The first year of the studentship includes an assessed, stand-alone project, and a substantial programme of training. Students will choose from a wide range of taught modules, and participate in academic and personal development skills-based workshops, together with creativity events and conference-style meetings. The cohort will also be expected to disseminate their results to the international community via high-impact publications and international conferences. They will spend time working with our academic and industrial partners.

Further information can be obtained by e-mail to metamaterials@exeter.ac.uk or by visiting our website: https://www.exeter.ac.uk/metamaterials

The University of Exeter is a top 10 UK university, in the top 1% of universities globally, and a member of the elite Russell Group of institutions. The University has committed itself to a substantial expansion in its science base and within Physics and Engineering, over £10m has been spent on infrastructure since 2008 and around 30 new academic staff have been appointed across the Centre's themes.

Funding information

Funding applies to:
EU applicants (including UK)
Funding notes:

Our UK and EU students will have their fees paid and will additionally receive a stipend to cover living expenses of £14,553 - £16,500 (approx.) depending on the project.

Contacts and how to apply

Administrative contact and how to apply:

Learn more about the individual projects and how to apply here.

Please email metamaterials@exeter.ac.uk if you have any queries about this process.

Application deadline:

31 July 2017