David Jones – PhD Earth and Environmental Sciences


David Jones: I want to finish my PhD and make a difference to ocean conservation

David’s PhD is helping him continue his work on ocean plastic pollution issues while developing his charity’s projects.

I have a BSc, BA and MSc. I spent 17 years in the military after university. I run my own businesses and have been involved in underwater filming and photography for the last 17 years. I have been working on the ocean plastic pollution issue since 2009.

When I was young I actually wanted to study marine biology but did something else. When I saw the MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management I saw an opportunity to develop my understanding of ocean issues and reinforce what I had been doing for ten years working for ocean conservation organisations.

I am CEO of an ocean conservation charity. The MSc took me down a path and as a result I developed one of the charity’s biggest projects. That project is providing a huge amount of data for my current research.

Going forward, I want to finish the PhD and make a difference to ocean conservation. Thinking of new projects that will help to save the ocean’s resources for future generations.

Unless you are doing something vocational, pick the subject that interests you, not necessarily the one that you think will get you a job. You never know where you are going to end up.

As a result of studying at Portsmouth, I have been able to increase my knowledge in a great institution. Support has been fantastic. I’ve learnt the value of reading, how to use my time for study most effectively, the value of collaboration and partnerships.

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