MA Contemporary European Studies -Embracing the flexibility of Euromasters


Tabea Weiß talks about how you can take advantage of studying at three different Universities whilst studying MA Contemporary European Studies (Euromasters).

Our MA Contemporary European Studies students are exposed to a unique international learning experience. Given the flexibility to study at several prestigious institutions across the globe, they are able to experience contemporary Europe firsthand.We asked Tabea Weiß, a current student what she has enjoyed about the course so far.

Close contact to lecturers

‘I enjoyed the atmosphere of the historic city with two universities, as well as the services and support for master’s students by the University of Bath. I benefited from the facilities on campus with the study rooms at 10 West and the close contact to lecturers. The academic support I received helped me focus on my thesis from the very beginning of the course.’

Language skills that come naturally

‘Of course I benefited from studying abroad as it opens your horizons. I found Bath was perfect for enjoying a British campus university in a beautiful setting, yet within easy reach of London. Improving my language skills came as a positive side effect.’

Interest in technology

‘Since I got into net politics, I became interested in the connection between innovation and regulation. Being a Euromasters student, I was able to explore this interest and gain expertise through a wide range of related optional units. With emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), I find it fascinating learning about the different strategies governments and the EU pursue to make technology beneficial for society. In my current job, I enjoy learning how companies use technologies to develop new business models in sectors such as mobility. ‘

If you had to encourage a prospective student to study this course, what would you say?

‘Haha, it always depends, but if I had to write an ad it would be: “If you feel European and you believe that it’s good to look at a problem from different perspectives, you will love the Euromasters course. You love to travel, too? You can take advantage of the option to study at different universities throughout Europe and the United States. You want to become part of an international group of master’s students? Apply now.”‘

‘The academic support I received helped me focus on my thesis from the very beginning of the course.’ — Tabea Weiß Euromasters student (2019)

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