The Aerosol Society Doctoral Student Award is designed to recognise, reward and encourage doctoral students who are engaged in aerosol science. The award is aimed at graduate students who are within the first two years of studying for a doctorate at a United Kingdom or Irish University (considering part time working).

To apply for the award candidates must submit an essay introducing their area of aerosol research and describing the direction of their doctoral studies. This exercise is designed to help students critically think about the direction and goals of their PhD at an early stage in their studies.


  • Candidates are required to be a current member of the Aerosol Society.
  • Candidates must be a graduate undertaking a course of study leading to a Doctorate at a United Kingdom or Irish University in order to be eligible to apply for this Research Scholarship.
  • Candidates must be in full-time further education and must have registered for their research.
  • Please note – if you are in receipt of an award/salary at a level significantly above standard Research Council grants, unfortunately you are not eligible (at the discretion of the Aerosol Society committee).
  • The research being completed should fall into the broad area of Aerosol Science and could encompass (but not limited to): airborne particles or droplets in relation to aerobiology, agriculture, atmospherics, coagulation, condensation, deposition, diffusion, dynamics, electrostatics, evaporation, filtration, generation techniques, industrial processes, inhalation, instrumentation, light scattering, manufacture, occupational hygiene, radioactivity, respiratory disease, resuspension, sampling, shape, standards, therapy and thermodynamics.

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Application Deadline:

30th June 2020

Please see our website for how to apply:
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