Small Research Grants

  • DeadlineDeadline: 30th September 2023
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The Aerosol Society is passionate about furthering research in aerosol science and supporting new and emerging scientists in this endeavour. Since beginning the Small Research Grant scheme in 2012, The Aerosol Society has awarded over £55,000 enabling the recipient members to continue their research projects in aerosol science.

The Aerosol Science Small Research Grant is open to all projects concentrating on aerosol science which fall outside the area of drug delivery to the lungs – for drugs delivery to the lungs projects, please see DDL Small Research Grant

Upon completion of their project, our scientists are requested to present this work at a relevant Aerosol Society meeting or conference.

Small Research Grant

Terms & Conditions

1.     All applicants must be individual members or the applicant’s organisation must be a corporate member of The Aerosol Society and be resident in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. Recipients will need to be in place before the start of the award.

2.    Applicants for the Aerosol Science Small Research Grant should be focused on any area of aerosol science, excluding projects specifically furthering research into drug delivery to the lungs. For these projects, please apply for the DDL Small Research Grant.

3.     Applications are invited from the university and industrial sectors, however applications will only be accepted from the industrial sector for businesses which are classified as “small and medium enterprises” (SMEs) according to European Community definition.

4.     The award is open to post-doctoral researchers and academic staff on a named tenure or fixed-term contract which will last the duration of the proposed research project.

5.     Supervisors may support an application from a PhD student. Applications are particularly welcome for funding to support PhD research projects.

6.     Funding may be used to support the purchase of equipment, services not currently available to the applicant (e.g. microscopy), travel in support of research, consumables and specialist software. The award may not be used to support salaries.

7.     It is a condition of the award that all equipment purchased will remain property of The Aerosol Society until completion of the awarded project, and that work performed must be presented upon request at a meeting of The Aerosol Society following completion.

8.     Applicants should be aware that details of the successful award (title, awardees and scientific summary) will be published on The Aerosol Society website, newsletter and social media pages.

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