Geographical Club Award

  • DeadlineDeadline: 23rd November each year
  • All East Midlands, EnglandAll East Midlands, England


The Geographical Club is a members dining club which has its origins in the Raleigh Club, a dining club for explorers and travellers established in 1826. At a meeting of that Club in 1830 a new Society, The Geographical Society of London, was formed and this subsequently became the Royal Geographical Society. In 1854 the Raleigh Club was dissolved and the Geographical Club created. The Club has kept close links with RGS-IBG. It has a wide ranging membership of Fellows of RGS-IBG with geographical interests whose backgrounds span academia, exploration, travel, authorship, commerce and the wider world. The Club supports the Society through funding conservation work in the RGS-IBG archives and the Geographical Club Award.

The Geographical Club Award was established in 2009 as an annual award of £1,000. In 2011 the decision was made to award two grants annually; one for a physical geography project and another for a human geography project. Recipients are invited to attend a Geographical Club dinner.

Applicants must be registered at a UK Higher Education Institution. Preference is given to students who do not receive full funding from a research council, university or comparable levels of support from other sources for fieldwork and data collection.

Deadline: 23 November

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The Geographical Club Award is given through the RGS-IBG Postgraduate Research Awards scheme. All prospective grant applicants are encouraged to read our Advice and Resources pages, which include more information about the grants programme, its conditions, how to apply for a grant and what is expected if your application is successful. Please read this information carefully and send your application, or any enquiries, by email to

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